10/08/2017 @ 7:30 am

Carolina Beach Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K
This year, all of the race courses will be in the towns of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach and we will not cross the bridge going towards Wilmington. This makes for a flat, fast course.
Carolina Beach, NC

Rules and Regulations
Time Limts

The time limit for the Marathon will be based on the following criteria:

At no time will you be allowed to continue if more the time limits are exceeded for the following checkpoints:

Any individuals or group of runners with 5 or less are more than 15 MINUTES behind the preceeding runner or runners will be required to leave the race course.

Warnings will be issued at the 13.1 mile mark and the participants will be allowed to make up the time by the 15 mile mark.

If time is made up to less than 15 minutes, participant(s) will we allowed to continue.  If not, participant(s) will be removed from the course.  

At no time after 15 miles will the time differential between the last participant or group of participants (5 or less) be allowed to exceed 15 minutes behind the preceeding runner. 

Contact Race Director with questions:   butch.robertson@earthlink.net

The time limit for the Half Marathon is 4 hours firm.  Warning will be issued at the 10 Mile mark and runners not projected by the Race Committee to finish within this time limit will be removed from the course.
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